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The Ethnicity and Violence Exposure for Nurses (EVEN) study aims to understand the nature and impact of workplace violence on the mental and physical health of hospital-based and community nurses across ethnic groups, and the barriers to reporting these incidents, with implications for improving the recruitment of nursing students, work performance, and retention of qualified nurses.

The EVEN study builds on the Wellcome Trust funded Tackling Inequalities and Discrimination Experiences in health Services (TIDES) study, which investigates how discrimination experienced by both patients and healthcare practitioners may generate and perpetuate inequalities in health service use.

The EVEN study partners with the NHS Race and Health Observatory which is supported by NHS England and hosted by the NHS Confederation. The NHS Race and Health Observatory involves experts from this country and internationally, and offers analyses, policy recommendations and support to improve healthcare experiences and outcomes for NHS patients, communities and staff. The Observatory provides their expertise on embedding findings from the EVEN study into actionable recommendations that can be adopted by policy makers, supporting the implementation of recommendations and sharing good practice to facilitate change in the NHS.

REC reference: HR/DP-20/21–22048

IRAS project ID: 299121

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